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The gateway to Shintidi, a mysterious new world will surface every 5555 years. Anticipating the reappearance of the gateway, warlords across the realm have summoned 5555 legendary warriors to enter Shintidi in hopes to establish an immortal kingdom in these new lands. The first chapter of Chibi Clash begins…

Chibi Clash is a play-to-earn blockchain gaming universe featuring staking, recruiting, a multiplayer auto battler, and more. Players take on the role of Warlords to recruit legendary warriors with unique abilities, lead their troops into battles, build their dream kingdom, and expand their empire.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
Playable characters and other features in Chibi Clash are represented by non-fungible tokens which have unique value. Owning a Chibi Legend NFT from the genesis collection grants access to certain airdrop whitelists and the use of that warrior for staking and recruiting.
Fungible Tokens
$SHIN is the utility token used for recruiting new Chibis. $CLASH is the governance token that assigns voting rights and purchasing rights to the holder.
Decentralized Governance
$CLASH token owners will form a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to govern the development of the Chibi gaming universe.
Rewards System
Players are rewarded based on their contribution of time and resources to the gaming ecosystem.
Cross-platform 6-player PvP game built for Web3.
Build a team by drafting troops from a communal pool.
Deploy battle formation with your Chibi Champion and drafted troops.
Troops auto attack against troops of one opponent. Players lose morale if all their troops are defeated, and eliminated from the rest of the battle when morale reaches zero.
Top performers earn $SHIN tokens.
Search and recruit new Chibi Champions with your Chibi Legend.
Stake your Chibi Legend on missions to earn tokens.
Compete alongside Kingdom members for resources and land
Dragons are known for power, strength, and sovereignty of the sky. Born to be rulers, they focus their advancement outwardly.
Phoenixes are known for rebirth, fortune, style, and arts. Things need to be as beautiful as they are useful.
Tigers are known for bravery and physical might on land. They believe in strong individuality, independence, and focus their advancement inwardly.
Monkeys are adventurous, clever, and mischievous. To pull off quick tricks, they are agile and yet lazy.
Oxes are blessed for their fortitude, endurance, and unyielding spirit. They believe that things should be simple and practical
Wolves value bond and comradery. They focus on using weapons common in formations and aggression.


The Legend Begins Q3 2021

Genesis sale of 5,555 Chibi Legends
Interactive browser story games

The Missions Commence Q4 2021

NFT migration to Polygon network
$SHIN token

The Champions Arrive Q1 2022

Recruit new Champion NFTs
Staking missions

The Taste of Battle Q2 2022

Auto battler alpha release
Chibi Champion customization

The Prelude to War Q3 2022

Auto battler beta release
Strategic partnerships announced

The Kingdoms Rise Q4 2022

Auto battler full release
Kingdom gameplay

What is the core gameplay like?

Before every skirmish and during the countdown until the next skirmish: Players can switch their Chibi Champion’s skills, recruit troops from a predetermined shared draft, upgrade troops, sell troops, and arrange the troops’ formation by placing each troop onto the battlefield. Troops have different synergies and abilities to buff each other or counter the enemy.

During the skirmish, troops will automatically use their skills and attack their opponents until no troops remain in either or both armies. The defeated army loses morale and then at zero morale, is eliminated from the rest of the battle. 6 players will fight a series of 1v1 skirmishes in a battle royale until the last one standing is the winner.

Read our whitepaper for more details.

How many NFTs do I need to start playing?

One (1) Chibi Champion NFT is all you need to get started! Chibi Champions will be released to Chibi Legend holders, and Chibi Legends will be able to search for new Champions to recruit or sell on the secondary market. As our gaming universe continues to expand, incentives will be added for players to collect and hold more NFTs.

Is the game free to play?

Our goal is to make the game accessible to anyone that wants to play. We plan to release a limited quantity of free Chibi Warrior NFTs around the time of launching our auto battler game. The base model Warriors offer the same gameplay as Legends, but Legends will yield more rewards from battle among other benefits.

Game wen?

Q1 2022 for Closed Beta and Q2 2022 for Open Beta. We’ve taken extra time and care in assessing the available NFT/DeFi platforms, technologies, and tokenomics to ensure that our final product will be one that's built to operate and add value to our holders for years to come.

What platforms will be supported?

Cross-compatible on PC and mobile. The release of the auto battler will be on PC as a stand-alone client first, and then released to mobile after. Interactive story games are already available and playable directly on the web browser, as will our on-chain gameplay features.

What is the difference between a Chibi Champion NFT and a Chibi Legend NFT?

Chibi Legends grant access to staking and recruitment on-chain features, while Chibi Champions grant access to use that specific legendary warrior as your character in our upcoming games. Chibi Champions will be released to Chibi Legend holders in the future, and Chibi Legends will be able to search for additional Champions to recruit or sell on the secondary market.

Where can I purchase Chibi NFTs?

Chibi Legends are available for purchase from the secondary market on OpenSea. Chibi Champions are not released yet.

Will more NFTs be released?

Chibi Legend NFT holders will be able to search for new Chibis and decide to keep it or sell it to the secondary market. Chibi Warrior NFTs will be available for free-to-play as we get closer to the release of the auto battler game. The base model Warriors offer the same gameplay as Champions, but Champions will yield more rewards from battle among other benefits.

Where can I find rarity rankings?

We have the Rarity Sniper bot running on Discord. Remember that rarity does not determine the NFT’s value in gameplay!

What is the difference between the NFTs on Ethereum and on Polygon?

We migrated from Ethereum to Polygon. Chibi Legend NFTs on Ethereum are “retired” and provide ZERO utility, but you can exchange them for a Legendary Seal. Read the Polygon Migration and Legendary Seal NFTs sections of the FAQ for more details.

What is the [LEGACY COLLECTION] on OpenSea?

We migrated from Ethereum to Polygon. [LEGACY COLLECTION] is the collection on the old network, Ethereum. These are “retired” Chibi Legends with ZERO utility that you can exchange for a Legendary Seal. Read the Polygon Migration and Legendary Seal NFTs sections of the FAQ for more details.

Where can I purchase a Legendary Seal?

From the secondary market on OpenSea.

What utility does a Legendary Seal have?

Each Seal will grant the holder one portion of exclusive airdrops. The first airdrop will be our game’s utility token $CLASH, taking place sometime after our Token Generation Event.

How do I exchange my Legacy Chibi Legend for a Legendary Seal?

Read our Substack post for full details.

1. Go to the Seal Exchange page of our website.
2. Connect to your Metamask wallet.
3. Enter the token ID number(s) of the Legacy Chibi Legends you want to exchange.
4. Click “Exchange Legends for Seals”.
5. Approve two transactions on Metamask: first one for allowing us to use your tokens and second one for the actual exchange.

Are there gas fees?

Yes. There will be a small amount for the first transaction and then a larger amount for the second transaction. We migrated to Polygon so that our holders can significantly save on gas fees for all future transactions.

Can I exchange more than one Legacy Chibi Legend at a time?

Yes. You can exchange in batch to save on gas fees. To do a batch exchange, enter your Chibi IDs separated by a comma (eg. 1111,2222,3333).

Why are there two transactions?

The first transaction approves the transfer of your Legacy Chibi Legend NFT out of your wallet and the second transaction claims the Legendary Seal NFT.

Help! I didn’t receive my Legendary Seal!

First check the “Hidden Folder” of your OpenSea profile. If you didn’t receive your Seal one hour after confirming both transactions on Metamask and your Legacy Chibi Legend has been transferred out of your wallet, share the Etherscan links to your transactions in the Discord #help channel or in a tweet to us on Twitter.

What are the different “Material” properties on the Legendary Seal?

The five variations - Wood, Jade, Bronze, Silver, and Gold - are for aesthetic and rarity purposes only. There is no utility difference.

Should my Legendary Seal ID match my Chibi Legend ID?

No. The Seals are randomly assigned, thus generating an ID that doesn’t match your Chibi Legend unless by coincidence.

Why did you migrate to Polygon?

After extensive research on NFT launch failures and gripes from other projects, it was planned from the beginning to release the initial collection on Ethereum for minting and then migrate to a layer two solution such as Polygon for the gaming universe. Being on Polygon helps everyone save big on gas fees anytime a transaction is required.

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